Animal Warmth (#28, The Time is Now)

Animal Warmth (#28, The Time is Now)

  • 2009
  • Light bulbs and sound
  • Description

    The series of works titled Animal Warmth are about movement and timing. Animal Wamrth (#28) is an installation for 28 carbon filament light bulbs that are controlled by real-time software to express a never-ending, never-repeating variety of moods. These moods span synchrony and asynchrony, phasing, rhythmic correspondence and trickery. Along with the flashing light, there is a sound associated with each bulb. Each bulb rings with a unique pure tone as it comes to life and fades out. These frequencies shift with the moods of the installation.

  • Acknowledgements

    The video documentation was made at the Almost Cinema Festival at Vooruit in Gent, Belgium. Update: A kind stranger, 'yhancik', posted some very nice pictures on flickr.

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