The Mourners

The Mourners

  • 2011
  • Architectural projection
  • Description
    THE MOURNERS: Music from the Courts of the Burgundian Dukes

    "Singing by candlelight, the ethereal voices of The Rose Ensemble make exquisite alabaster tomb sculptures (mourners), from the sarcophagus of 15th-century Burgundian duke, Jean sans Peur (John the Fearless), come alive in this special exhibition companion concert series. Hear deep and resonant choral music, intimate Troubadour songs of love and loss, and heraldic courtly dances performed by an early wind consort from throughout Europe. This remarkable event features the debut of a newly commissioned work by Minnesota composer William Beckstrand. Meanwhile, Ali Momeni gives listeners a striking visual sense of the world in which these musicians and mourners lived and died through a breathtaking display of The Mourners imagery projected against interior walls during the performance."


  • Acknowledgements

    This work was conceived and executed by Ali Momeni.

    This work was commissioned by the Rose Ensemble, initiated through an inquiry from ensemble leader Jordan Sramek.

    Ensemble Collinetto:
    Isacco Colombo, shawm, bagpipe, fife and drum (Italy); Johanne Maitre, bombard (Switzerland); Sergej Yemelyanenkov, slide trumpet and sackbut (Ukraine)