• 2009, 2010
  • Performance
  • Description

    The liminal surface is a new instrument for the creation of experimental music theater. It is an interactive table-top environment that allows for new forms of expression through the combination of contemporary music and theater, performative sculpture, percussive musical practice, and interactive software-enhanced performance building on an existing collaborative practice between the authors. These table-top miniature stages are outfitted with sensors and actuators as well as sound and video hardware. The tables are designed to accommodate a wide range of sensors that provide our specialized real-time audio/visual software with information about our physical gestures.

    For more information about Liminal Surface and Paraguay, please visit the LS website or read our paper about the work.

    Video documentation shows our collaborative performance at Connecticut College (top) and Bithell's solo performanc of the work the following week (bottom).

  • Acknowledgements

    Instrument Design, Composition and Performance: David Bithell and Ali Momeni

    Commissioned by the Ammerman Center of Art and Technology at Connecticut College