Aurora x Vice

I worked on a music video for the wonderful Aurora, in collaboration with VICE and the Creator’s Project. Specifically, I collaborated with my colleagues at Carnegie Mellon’s Robust Autonomous System’s Lab RASL to create expressive and intricate quad-rotor (flying robot) choreography for a group of robots to wrap a cacoon in fabric while Aurora danced and sang in and around the cocoon.  In order to realize this project, I created a gesturally controllable real-time multi-robot simulation system that allowed me to make recordings of coordinated trajectories.  The wonderful Ellen A. Cappo helped me turn these recordings into actual movements of actual robots.

This production led to the creation of a music video (above – top) as well as a behind-the-scenes video (above – bottom) that features may of the team members, the RASL lab, my lab ArtFab at CMU’s School of Art, and more.


Aurora x Vice

  • 2016
  • Robotic Choreography
  • Description

    Flying Robot Choreography for Music Video

  • Acknowledgements

    Robotic Choreography Concept - Ali Momeni and Sam Ewen
    Multi-robot Choreography Design Software - Ali Momeni
    Multi-robot Autonomy System - Ellen A. Cappo, Derek Mitchell, Arjav Desai, and Nathan Michael
    Flying Robot fabric Dispenser Design and Fabrication - Ali Momeni, Ellen A. Cappo
    Production Assistance: Daniel Campos

    Music Video Production:
    Director - Simon Thirlaway
    Line Producer - Trevor Herrick
    Executive Producer - Megan Kelly
    Technical Director - Sam Ewen
    Choreographer - Kiesha Lalama
    Editor - Eric Harnden

    This project was supported in part by funding from the Carnegie Mellon University Frank-Ratchye Fund For Art @ the Frontier.