Le Musée Itinerant

Le Musée Itinerant

  • 2011
  • Mobile Projection Performance
  • Description

    During this performance, members of MAW moved about the Weisman Art Museum grounds with a custom-made mobile projection jib, collected images of drawings and puppetry produced/performed by the Weisman Gala invitees, and projected animations throughout the museum.

  • Acknowledgements

    This project was collaboratively conceived and performed by Ali Momeni and David Bithel, and commissioned by the Weisman Art Museum for the occasion of their latest architectural expansion.

    • Hardware and sculptural design by Ali Momeni
    • Media Design and interactive software by Ali Momeni

    This performance was made possible through the participation of the following members of the MAW: Drew Anderson, Nicola Carpenter, Sean Donovan, Eben Kowler, and Sinan Goknur.