If The Lion Could Speak…

If The Lion Could Speak…

  • 2012
  • bees, video
  • Description

    Honey bees have been the subject of countless scientific studies in the last century, including ones concerned with language and communication. In this work, Meier and Momeni attempt to establish a dialogue with bees through shared sounds and images. By placing microphones, cameras, loud-speakers and a projector inside a specially designed observation hive, this piece exchanges sounds and images from the bees with those from the audience.  The work is musically inspired by themes from the Golden Record, a selection of sounds sent into space in 1977 aboard the Voyager spacecraft. These themes have been reinterpreted and recomposed by artists during their stay in the Garenne Lemot, situated in the town of Clisson in France.

  • Acknowledgements

    This piece was created collaboratively by Ali Momeni and Robin Meier.

    • Electronics, media design and sculptural design by Ali Momeni
    • Sound Design by Robin Meier

    Commissioned by Loire Atlantique, curated by Virginie Bourget and exhibited at at Domain de la Garenne Lemot as a part of the exhibition "Une Mouche dans la Tête" in March 2012 (Clisson, France).