Time Machine @ Elsewhere

Time Machine @ Elsewhere

  • 2012
  • Playful video surveillance installation
  • Description

    Time Machine is a living video archive for a living museum.

    Time Machine applies the instruments of networked surveillance to generate, remember, and share moments of play.

    Time Machine includes The CAN (Control-Access-Node) on lower floor of Elsewhere’s Skyscraper tower, with 14 cameras installed throughout the first floor of the museum. The Machine includes mechanisms for video and photographic capture, automated time-lapse and stop-motion animation, face and movement recognition and a video archival system.

    Time Machine consists of:

    Time Machine (the instrument)
    Time Watch (cameras)
    Time Keep (people with iPods/iPhones/...)
    Time Wizard (The Benevolent)
    Time Code (messages to the Time Wizard)
    Time Capsules (Time Code units, images/videos/time-lapse/stop-motion)
    Time Mechanic (maintenance and gear inspection)

    Time Machine was first performed on Friday August 17, 2012, with a game of City: Time Machine.

  • Acknowledgements

    Concept, direction, hardware and software design by Ali Momeni.

    Confabs with George Scheer of Elsewhere were critical in the conception of this instrument and its integration into Elsewhere. Stephanie Sherman of Elsewhere was crucial in creating the Time Machine lexicon, its integration into CITY (a performance at elsewhere), as well as the Watchers' outfits. Walker Tufts of Elsewhere was invaluable in his assistance with setting up networks, arranging the media tower, and creating the time machine manual. Logan was fearless in his explorations and instrumental in helping refine Time Machine before the public debut.

    Time Machine was commissioned through a grant from the Harpo Foundation.